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Welcome to the Kokomo world : our products are full of flavours and created in Quebec.

Cheers !

Kokomo Cocktail

Kokomo Cocktail is a spiked sparkling water with a hint of natural flavour. It has 105 calories, 4% alc./vol., no preservatives, no colours and 5g of sugar per 355mL. Kokomo Cocktail is available in 4 flavours: 

strawberry & basil

watermelon & cucumber

natural lime

black cherry

Welcome in the sparkling and refreshing world of Kokomo Cocktail. You will want to try them all!


Kokomo Ice

Kokomo Ice is the only freezy available for adult. Put it in your freezer and enjoy.  It has 5% alc./vol and it is naturally gluten free. Our product is made to reply the real taste of cocktail so it is not too sweet. It is avalaible in 3 flavours : margarita, mojito and cosmo.




Welcome in the icy and refreshing world of Kokomo Ice. You will want to try them all!

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